Our four unique blend of flavours are made from real lemons that can transcend your taste buds onto an exotic vacation, surfing the dreamy waves of mother nature… you see, even a simple lemon can become something extraordinary!

 Nisi Strawberry

Nothing beats the taste of freshly sliced juicy strawberries infused with zesty and refreshing lemons. This mouth-watering mixture combines sweet and sour profiles bringing you a sublime taste of summer, whatever the time of year.


Nisi - Blueberry

Taste the sweet freshness of summer with the lush aroma of this berry citrus fusion. Our blueberry lemonade is a perfect balance between sun-ripened blueberries and tangy lemons to give you refreshing flavour that will quench all of your cravings in seconds.


Nisi Raspberry

A mix of zingy lemons along-side plump and juicy raspberries creates our fruity and vibrant pink lemonade. This flavour is sure to give you a blast from the past reminiscing back to childhood summers.


Nisi Peach

This perfectly sweet combination is a delicious mix of soft, creamy, smooth peaches and refreshing lemons. Drizzled in its own sweet juice, the mellow roundness of our ripened peaches mixed with the acidic fizz of lemons and love, this is one for the sun lounger!